AISL is the utility token required to partecipate in the market place :

  • to pay gas fees for the transactions (publish/update products)
  • to stake in validators node and gain about 14% per year in new tokens (inflation), while the gas fees paid for the transactions are burnt (deflation).

Till 31 December 2022, the gas fees are paid from the treasury of the project, allowing everybody to partecipate even without holding tokens.
From 1st January 2023 the sellers will have to pay gas fees to publish/update the products on the blockchain.

Target for staken funds on validator is 50% of the minted tokens

Aisland blockchain aims to be  deflationary, burning more gas fees of the tokens mined from validators.

AISL Token Allocation - 1 billion

    • Project Development, Founders, Gasless Funds30%
    • Investors60%
    • Reserve for Airdrop/Grants10%

    Mining AISL Tokens - Validators

    You can contribute to the security of Aisland blockchain, activating a validator node and staking enough funds to stay in the top 100 validators. You can be helped from "nominators" to stake enough funds.
    Periodically you will have the right to write a new block gaining the new tokens as in the table below.

    The design is to give a renumeration of about 14% per year on the token locked once the target of 500 millions tokens locked is reached.
    Early starter will gain meaningful higher percentages.

      Reward Per Block Years AISL Mined/Year End Date  
      22 tokens 2 70,000,000 31/12/2024  
      11 tokens 2 35,000,000 31/12/2026  
      6 tokens 2 18,819,000 31/12/2028  
      3 tokens 50 9,549,000 31/12/2078  

    The gas fees paid for the transaction are burnt, avoiding damaging competition on the gas fees price.