AISLAND is an eco-friendly decentralized blockchain marketplace aimed at enabling a truly borderless business environment

Green Blockchain

Based on Proof of Stake

AISLAND is an eco-friendly blockchain network which makes use of the green energy to power up the blockchain nodes on its network. Our blockchain network is powered using solar energy, wind energy and other such green energy sources thereby minimizing the adverse impact on the environment.

Faster Block Creation

New Blocks Every 10 Seconds

AISLAND blockchain has been developed with bespoke technologies which enables for much faster block creation in comparison to the traditional blockchain networks.

Smart Contracts Supported

Supercharged Smart Contracts

AISLAND blockchain offers support for supercharged smart contracts to enable seamless business transactions on the network.

Service Oriented

Native Marketplace Features

AISLAND is a service oriented blockchain network with features of marketplace place native to it which creates a seamless business environment.

Application Program Interface

Developer Friendly APIs

AISLAND offers wide variety of application program interfaces enabling software developers to make effective use of the blockchain network for their products and services.


Earn AISC Tokens by Staking & Securing

AISLAND blockchain is equipped with intelligent validators that verify the information contained in the blocks and accordingly participate in the consensus mechanism to avoid any malicious activity.