Decentralized Marketplace

AISLAND is a decentralized blockchain marketplace with an aim to create a borderless business environment, selecting honest and reputable counterparts, subscribe electronically contracts, execute the subscribed commitment, and manage possible litigations through a simplified process. Wallet, Payment gateway, Escrow account, Currency Exchange, Insurance service, Lending, and Factoring are part of the ecosystem, all of which are completely decentralized.

AISLAND aims to offer similar functions to those available through centralized services like Amazon, Alibaba, Expedia, Airbnb, Freelance and Upwork, but decentralized under the community control and accepting crypto currencies as method of payment.

The complete decentralization is achieved by blockchain technology based on SUBSTRATE framework which has also been used to create POLKADOT blockchain that reached a capitalization of 39 Billion USD in 12 months. AISLAND blockchain is based on PROOF of STAKE, anyone staking AISLAND tokens can participate in writing blocks, gaining new tokens by common computers and super low energy consumption. AISLAND is a green blockchain, environment friendly.


AISLAND offers three categories of tokens


Sellers & Buyers

Anyone can be a seller of products or services and anyone can be a buyer of the same. Sellers and buyers have a rating based on their behavior.

Seller Visibility

Having a higher rating increase the seller visibility without staking. The seller can increase its visibility by staking in his/her account some AISLAND TOKENS.


Both sellers and buyers are subject to a rating system, based on counterpart feedback, accuracy in delivery of the product and service, litigations opened, won or lost.

Tradable Products

The community controls and decides in real time the tradeable product by reporting unethical or illegal products. As general principle, anything legal in the country of the seller and buyer is acceptable. The blockchain reduce progressively the visibility till a complete exclusion of the product/service.

Payment Methods

The most well-established crypto currencies are accepted, this is the marketplace for crypto users. A gateway to pay by credit card will be created in cooperation with a centralized crypto exchange.

Standard Contracts

A set of standard commercial contract is available as smart contract in the blockchain to simplify the legal process between international entities.

Custom Contracts

Custom contracts can be loaded as smart contract in the blockchain and accepted from the counterparts.


Payments are subject to escrow deposit to enforce the arbitrations. The escrow deposits are blocked in smart contracts.


In case of litigation any of the contracting parts can open an arbitration. The arbitration should be managed from a panel of 3 arbitrators, members of the blockchain that have a significate stake of tokens locked to be qualified. The arbitrators will collect a fee for each dispute arbitrated. The arbitrators are chosen randomly from the platform. The arbitrator will not know the name of the parties involved and he/she will receive only supporting documents. Each arbitrator will decide in his own without consultation with the others and the majority creates the final decision which is subject to appeal. The arbitrators are subject to scoring and arbitrators that make decision always different from the others will have a reduced score and he/she will receive less and less arbitrations to manage.


The escrow can be partially or totally covered from a pool of insurer. Users can stake funds as reserve of the insurer pool and participate in the gaining from insurance premium. The insurance premium is different based on the risk percentage calculated from multiple factors.


The buyer can obtain a loan from a lending pool. Users can stake fund in a lending pool and gain on interest over the loan. The buyer can use as collateral crypto assets that are sold in case of default on the payments to the lender.


The buyer can obtain a loan for contracts that will be paid in future. Users can stake fund in a factoring pool and gain on interest over the loan. The borrower can use as collateral crypto assets and the payment of the contracts subject to factoring are redirected to the lender.

Goods Tracking

The platform offer the possibility to track the shipments with updates from the shipping companies through Oracles.

Currency Exchange

AISLAND allows to change crypto assets with other crypto assets working as decentralized and automatic exchange. The sellers can obtain an automatic change to a stable coin at every sale.

Payment Gateway

AISLAND can be used as payment gateway for crypto currencies in the most common e-commerce platform with easy to install plugins.

Transaction Fees

Very low fees are charged for every transaction that is confirmed in maximum 6 seconds.


With “Proof of Stake, the miners do NOT need expensive equipment and spend millions of dollars in energy bill. Anyone can “mine” new tokens staking enough funds in a node based on a single computer. If the node is repeatedly down or it attempts to manipulate the network in a malicious way, the funds staked are progressively slashed and moved to a “Treasure fund”. The treasure fund exists to be used from the community for future projects in benefits of AISLAND. Users can stake funds in common mining computer keeping independent fund control an receiving proportional shares of the gains.

Distributed Files Storage

Anyone can offer his/her own computer to be used to store data of and be paid small fees for the usage. The data is encrypted and shredded in multiple systems for redundancy. The owner of the system cannot access clear data. The participant in the distributed file system must stake some AISLAND. If his/her system is unreliable the staked tokens can be slashed progressively to incentivize the reliability. Anyone can use the distributed file storage for unstoppable website, backup or sharing data paying small fees.

Registered Mail

The platform offers a way to send official communication with certified signature and date/time. The registered communications are encrypted end-end, but in case of arbitration the counterparts can use them as evidence. It uses the distributed file system. Minimal gas fees are charged.

Registered Chat

The platform offers a way to send official instant messages with certified signature and date/time. The registered communications are encrypted end-end, but in case of arbitration the counterparts can use them as evidence. It uses the distributed file system. Minimal gas fees are charged.

Registered Audio/Video Conference

The platform offers a video conference platform for business purpose with the possibility to record the conference and chats. The recording is encrypted for each recipient to guarantee the business privacy and can be used as evidence in the arbitration with date/time certified. Our audio/video conferencing system uses the distributed file system. Minimal gas fees are charged.


The blockchain supports vote session to let the community manage the evolution of the marketplace. The weight of the vote is proportional to the tokens owned even if staked for mining.

Client Apps

AISLAND have native clients for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Osx, Linux and a general web app.

Open Source

The whole source code is open to the public and anyone can install a node for reading only, mining and contribute to storing data. Click to view our GitHub repository.


The AISLAND foundation manages the genesis and the following evolution of the blockchain executing the decision taken from the community through “democratic” voting session. The “fees” are deposited in a “Treasury” funds used for the development of the blockchain in a transparent and democratic way.