Frequently Asked Questions


1What can be traded on the Market Place?
Any product/service that is LEGAL in the country of the buyer and seller is welcome.
2Can you add a new department/category?
Sure, new department and category are regularly subject to vote for inclusion. You can use the contact form to suggest the new category or department.
3Who is monitoring the products published for compliance?
Community members are volunteering to raise flags on not compliant products. When a product is red flagged, it will be not more visible from the user interface and the blockchain will not accept purchase on it. A yellow flag may be raised for minor issues and if solved will be removed.
4What about handcrafted products?
Aisland community loves the handcrafted products and be sure they will be always in evidence.
5May I sell products as individual?
Sure you can.
6I am a seller, how long to receive the payment?
The payment will be release from the smart contract 7 days after the delivery if there are not open complains from the buyer.
7Can I pay by crypto currency?
Sure, the main crypto currency are welcome and they are the preferred way of payment.
8Can I pay by credit/debit card?
Yes a business partner is offering such gateway.
9What happens if the good received is broken?
You should open immediately a complain from the store to keep locked the funds in the smart contract. Follow the procedure to get the product replaced or refunded.
10Can I change idea?
You have the right to send back the product in the original box and get refunded within 7 days. Some sellers extend such guarantee to a longer period.


1Why a new blockchain?
A specialised blockchain supporting the features required for a market place does not exists. Making the same using smart contracts without accessing the core of the blockchain would be very difficult, expensive and risky.
2Which technology are you using for the blockchain?
We used Substrate 3.0 framework, the same used from Polkadot/Kusama and other blockchains. We made heavy custom modules to manage the market place features.
3May I contribute to the software base?
Sure, "pull request" and issues reporting on our GitHub Repository are always welcome. https://www.github.com/aisland-dao
4Which coding language has been used?
Rust Language is the main one for the blockchain. Some utilities are written in Python. User Interface and Api Server use Javascript (with HTML/CSS)
5Where can I find the source code?
We keep a well updated repository to GitHub: https://www.github/aisland-dao
6How fast is Aisland Blockchain?
Aisland blockchain writes a new block of data every 6 seconds, so it's very fast compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum for example.
7Can I develop smart contract on Aisland?
Sure, we support smart contract written in "!Ink" Rust and we have a standard Ethereum Virtual Machine supporting smart contracts written in Solidity. The same Smart Contracts running on Ethereum should run with no changes on Aisland Blockchain.
8How can I install a blockchain node?
You can follow the simple instructions published on the our software repository: https://github.com/aisland-dao/aisland-blockchain